Caroline MacDonald
TRE Practitioner

Level II Practitioner Level III Trainee, Master of Applied Positive Psychology (Graduate 2014), Bachelor of Applied Science, Graduate Diploma Special Education, Diploma of Teaching, Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, Advanced Cert Integrated Cupping and Gua Sha, Qigong

Description of Services

I am Caroline MacDonald and I enjoy helping people to live to their full potential. I have a diverse background in education, science, positive psychology coaching and holistic health care. I’ve always been passionate about helping people to thrive, perform at their best and lead the lives they aspire to. Does the idea of improving your well-being leave you feeling overwhelmed, worn out or at a loss of where to begin! Is stress, fatigue or lack of time making it seem impossible to even make a start on improving your well-being! Or are you satisfied with your well-being but just interested in having another tool that will help you maintain it! I understand because I am someone that has always been busy, energetic and fortunate to be able to juggle lots of interests and commitments as part of family, social and working life. There can be a cost eventually if I don’t take the time to practice simple self-care activities on a regular basis. The one thing that has enabled me to continue to flourish has been my commitment to my well-being on a daily basis. This has enabled me to enjoy a full life while having a successful career. I want to share the simple techniques that I use with others, so they too can experience a rich, fulfilling life where any setback or challenge can be accommodated and overcome. So you can aspire to achieve your goals and live your dreams. I can teach you techniques that are tried and proven to build well-being, happiness, resilience and that lead to success. I also offer positive coaching for people striving to improve their lives whether it be in the area of well-being, careers, relationships or goal setting and achievement. Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) is one of these wonderful techniques that you can integrate into your life simply. Even using TRE for 5-20 minutes a few times a week will change the way you feel and function. When you learn TRE, you don’t even have to know what caused your stress or trauma and you certainly don’t need to talk about it or try to resolve it. My clients love learning TRE because it is so simple and empowering. I have been teaching TRE since 2011 to a wide range of people in the community including professionals from clinical backgrounds such as Social Workers, Psychologists and Counsellors. So many people are expressing an interest in learning TRE techniques for their own self care. TRE is great for people who are exposed to vicarious trauma or stress, and for those who have been directly impacted by a traumatic event or prolonged stress., I work in a busy private practice in Melbourne, Australia assisting people to bring balance into their lives. I’m committed to meeting individual needs in a caring and empowering way and enjoy teaching people how to integrate TRE and other relaxation and well being techniques into their daily lives., Give me a call if you would like to learn TRE or to find out more about other modalities and coaching

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