Dianne Moore
TRE Practitioner

Trained Level 1 & 2 TRE, Wholistic Life Coach, Certified Mediator, BSc

Description of Services

I am a Wholistic Life Coach and trained TRE provider, having trained in the States with David Berceli and other TRE trainers. My previous professional background has been in administration and management. I was the Business Manager for 14 years at a Steiner School and before that running a wholesale herb nursery on the Central Coast. These years in business gave me a rich understanding of working with people and first hand experience of how the stresses of business can impact your life. I first started doing TRE’s in 2011 to help a family member who had been through a major car accident and also to help myself regain my energy and health after years of stress and tension in the business world. TRE’s are now an integral part of my life. They have restored my health, my balance and my presence. I believe I have a calmness, strength and understanding of others which helps me guide people through the TRE exercises to release tension, stress and trauma in their lives.

Contact Information

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