Kamal Basili
TRE Practitioner

BSc., Dip Ed., Adv Dip Bowen, Lymphoedema Therapy, Emmett, Reiki. Level 1 TRE Trainer. Member: ISL, LPEGV, AAMT, BTFA, IT

Description of Services

After graduating from cairo University Kamal has worked in the field of agriculture research both overseas and Austrlia. Then, after graduating from the University of Western Australia he worked as a teacher in both biology and Human Biology departments. With his background in anatomy and physiology Kamal entered the field of Natural Therapy and is qualified in Remedial Massage, Bowen, Emmett, Lymphoedema, and Reiki. After working in many medical centres and abtainning sound knowledge from resident doctors in their fields he now enjoys working from his own clinic in the country. Periodically, Kamal writes articles about health issues in both the local newspaper and the Bowen Newsletter. his passion is helping those who have difficult conditions to recover and lead and enjoy a quality of life. He found that TRE offers a new and functional dimension into the modalities he uses. All his patients who practice TRE have benefitted and they enjoy a happier and dynamic life. It is amazing how a simple but a profound and effective technique could make such and impressive and positive difference in the life of many. Kamal’s future goals are: 1- Achieve a higher levels in TRE education that will qualify him to; help the disdavantaged members of the Australian society to regain their confidence and become successful participants to the glory of this great country. 2- Travel overseas, particularly, the Middle East to bring peace and tranquility into the lives of the struggling and contending members of these communities. 3- travel to Japan and help the tsunami survivors to cope with their losses and restore Japan to its greatness,

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