Steve Brown
TRE Practitioner

BA Fine Art, Graduate Degree Social Work, Post Graduate training: Family Therapy, Grief & Loss Counselling, Existential Therapy

Description of Services

I trained initially in social work over 20 years ago and work as a counsellor/psychotherapist. My post-graduate training includes family therapy, grief and loss counselling and existential psychotherapy. For the past 30 years I have had a personal meditation practice in the Zen tradition, and for over 20 years I have been teaching mindfulness meditation to groups and individuals. Currently, as well as working in private practice as a therapist, I work in a service specialising in panic disorder, anxiety and depression. TRE is proving to be a wonderful adjunct to my work with anyone who has experienced trauma, or is currently dealing with stress, anxiety, depression – and isn’t that just about all of us these days?! TRE is a great way to work with whatever is holding us back in life without necessarily having to talk about it. And it can eventually be an independent self-help practice that we can do on our own at home. My interest is also in teaching TRE to those many groups of people who feel marginalised in our community, and to emergency service workers, and to those suffering from Developmental Trauma – people who have experienced longstanding abuse and neglect in early childhood. I teach TRE to groups and individuals and have recently begun teaching ShakingZen – a unique combination of TRE and Zen/mindfulness meditation. These two practices are the perfect complement to each other – TRE releases the held tension and trauma in the body allowing a deepening of the healing presence, compassion and spontaneity that is available from Zen-mindfulness practice. I have a Medicare provider number – contact me to find out how you can receive a Medicare rebate for counselling sessions and groups utilizing TRE.

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