Sue Oliver
The Energy Healing Centre

Access Consciousness Bars practitioner and trainer, Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift practitioner and trainer, Practitioner of BodyTalk; Bowen Therapy; Tibetan Accupressure; AuraSoma Chakra Massage; Emotional Freedom Technique and TRE. (Level 2 TRE trainer and Level 1 Supervisor). Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood, Diploma of Special Education (majoring in Learning Difficulties) Certificate IV Adult Education-Training and Assessment.

Description of Services

I am an Energy Healing therapist specialising in “Emotional Release”.

Every person’s body is able to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs to be listened to, to get back into balance. Listening to the body’s story and using the BodyTalk system protocol I am able to use a range of therapies and techniques that are able to balance and restore the body’s energy system quickly.

I have been working as an Energy Healing Therapist for the past 18 years and have always looked for ways to help people recover from the emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

I am very grateful that through David Berceli’s work of TRE, I now have another wonderful tool that I can use with clients allowing clients to feel empowered and be part of their own healing. I am able to offer clients the ability to learn the trauma release exercises in small group workshops as well as offering one on one sessions where your body can dictate what it needs to restore and balance what is bothering you.

To book into an upcoming workshop or book a one on one session please contact me via my website.

I also offer sessions via Zoom.

Have a great day!


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