TRE Certification Training

Completion of the Australian Global Certification Training Program (GCTP) provides an internationally recognised qualification as a ‘Certified TRE Provider’ enabling you to teach TRE professionally to individuals and groups.
  • For trainees without additional qualifications– the certification enables you to teach TRE for general health & wellbeing to populations without any major medical or mental health conditions only.
  • For trainees with additional qualifications – the certification also enables you to use TRE within the scope of your existing qualification and in support of your existing treatment modalities.

2021 GCTP Draft* Information

Please Note – due to the ongoing uncertainty of Covid travel restrictions we will be delivering all of the content for the 2021 course online via zoom. We will therefor be adjusting the format of the training slightly in the coming weeks. The structure will be similar to (but not identical) to the draft information listed here below.

Module 1 – June 2021 – 2 day workshop online via Zoom – dates tbc

Module 2 – December 2021 – 2 day workshop online via zoom – dates tbc  – s

Supervision hours – All supervision hours with your trainer are completed online via zoom.

Practice hours with volunteers – all practice hours with volunteers will be held with the volunteer in person (while observing appropriate social distancing practices)

Costs – Separate to the pre-requisites, the total cost of the training is approximately $2950 / $2710 concession (pay as you go or on a 12 month payment plan)

Duration – on average, most trainees take around 12-14 months to complete their training. (All training requirements must be completed within 12 months of attending Module 2)

If you are interested in the 2021 training program, please sign up to the TRE Australia newsletter here & contact Certification Trainer Richmond Heath to express your interest.

Pre-requisites to Enrolment

In order to apply for the Certification Training you must:

  1. complete a pre-requisite personal use workshop or guided online course
  2. journal your personal pratice of TRE for at least 1 month
  3. complete a 1/2 hr enrolment interview ($0)

There are 2 different kinds of pre-requisite workshops available: (you only need to attend one of these)

  • 1-day personal use workshops – live or online via zoom – details & registration available here.
  • 3-week guided online courses – details & registration available here.

Further details:

  • the pre-requisite workshop must be completed less than 12 months before  Module 1
  • you must journal at least 1 months personal practice of TRE after your pre-requisite workshop (see here for personal practice journal suggestions)
  • you will be required to submit a journal summary & enrolment form prior to your enrolment interview (the enrolment form will be provided by your trainer)
  • if you have previously attended a 2 day workshop you will be required to re-attend a 1-day workshop or 3-week online course in order to apply for the training – please contact the certification trainer to discuss your options
  • please note completion of the free online self-guided learning TRE course does not count as a pre-requisite to enrolment

Enrolment & Student Insurance

There are 2 enrolment fees – one is to enrol in the Australian Certification Training Program and goes to your certification trainer, the other goes to the global TRE training organisation (TRE For All Inc) that maintains a database of all trainees globally.

Student professional indemnity/public insurance  – It is a requirement each trainee has their own student professional indemnity/public liability insurance for the duration of their training program from Module 1 onwards. If the trainee does not have pre-existing insurance for another modality that can be extended to cover the TRE training, student insurance is available for TRE via membership of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies. See resources for trainees for more details.

Module 1 – Leading Individuals

Complete pre-Module 1 reading & theory videos before attending Module 1 (provided by your trainer after your enrolment)

  • Mid-late 2021 – dates tbc – 2 day Module 1 training workshop online via Zoom

Complete the following training requirements between Module 1 & Module 2

  • ongoing personal practice of TRE (minimum 15 logged sessions)
  • 6 paid supervision hours with your supervisor (via zoom)
  • 6 hours of self-guided learning with other trainees (via zoom)
  • 9 hours of self-guided practice with volunteers
  • submit 4 resource reviews (2 books & 2 training documents)

Provisional Professional Practice (PPP): trainees with pre-existing qualifications who are able to justify that teaching TRE falls within the scope of their existing qualifications & professional indemnity insurance are able to receive a Provisional Professional Practice (PPP) letter after reaching competency to teach individuals and attending the Module 2 workshop. The PPP letter is valid for 12 months after Module 2 workshop, during which time the trainee must complete the remainder of their training. This is not a formal TRE qualification but a letter of recommendation of your competency to teach TRE within the scope of your existing qualifications & insurance policy.

Module 2 – Leading Groups & Facilitators

Attend a 2 day Module 2 training workshop

  • Late 2021/early 2022- dates tbc – 2 day Module 2 workshop online via Zoom 

Complete the following training requirements within 12 months of attending Module 2

  • ongoing personal practice of TRE (minimum 15 logged sessions)
  • 6 paid supervision hours with your supervisor (3 hrs groups/3 hours facilitations) (via zoom or video recording of groups)
  • 4 hours of self-guided learning with other trainees (via zoom)
  • 9 hours of self-guided practice with volunteers (3 hrs leading groups / 6 hrs facilitations)
  • submit 3 resource reviews (2 books plus resource of your own choice)
  • *there is 1 additional supervision hour (hr 13) that can be used at any point throughout the training to best support the needs of each individual trainee

Specific details of each of training requirement including each supervision session are available in the 2020 GCTP Log Book  (provided by your trainer once you apply for an enrolment interview)

Costs* & Payment Options

*Please note the costs listed here are based on the draft program following the same format as last years training. Slight changes that are planned to accommodate moving the training entirely online in 2021 may mean a slight adjustment to the draft costs listed here below

Separate to the pre-requisite workshops, the total cost of the Training Program is approximately $2950* ($2710* concession)

These costs are not required upfront but are distributed throughout the 12-18 months of the training.

  • 10% concession is available on the enrolment fees, training workshops & supervision sessions for holders of Government approved concession cards

The costs consist of:

  • $100 – Australian GCTP enrolment fee
  • $50 (approx) – Global TRE for All administration fee  (US$35)
  • $120 – Required reading resources (approx)
  • $495 ($445 conc) – Module 1 Training Workshop (early bird rate)
  • $495 ($445 conc) – Module 2 Training Workshop (early bird rate)
  • $1690 ($1560 conc) – Minimum 13 supervision sessions @ $130 per hour ($120 conc)

The estimated total of approximately $2950 ($2710 concession) is based upon the following conditions:

  • exchange rate for the US$35 global enrolment fee remains at approximately AU$50
  • required resources & reading materials are purchased at approximately $120
  • only the minimum 13 supervision sessions are required
  • module 1 & 2 workshop are registered at the early bird rate (early bird registration is included in the fixed monthly payments option – see below for details)

Payment Options:

After payment of the enrolment & administration fees & with the reading resources & student insurance purchased independently, trainees have the option to pay for the 2 training modules and 13 hours of supervision sessions by either:

  • pay as you go (PAYG) – $495 ($445 conc) per training workshop for early bird registration & $130 ($120 conc) per supervision session
  • 12 monthly payments – $225 ($205 conc) per month for 12 months

Please note – while every effort is made to minimise the requirement for additional supervision sessions, some trainees may require additional supervision sessions in order to reach the competency standards required to progress to the next phase of their trainingAdditional supervision sessions are available at $130/$120 per hr or $45/$40 per 20-minute increments.

Apply to Enrol

If you would like to arrange an enrolment interview or discuss the TRE certification training further, please contact TRE Certification Trainer Richmond Heath on 0409 357 964 or via the contact form here