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TRE is a revolutionary self-care technique that reduces stress & anxiety & releases muscular tension at its core below the level of our conscious control. As TRE can be used in as little as 5-10 minutes & requires almost no concentration or physical effort, it bypasses many of the common barriers to regular self-care.

TRE can be used to reboot the nervous system during wellness breaks & to assist the transition from work to home life. Easily integrated into existing exercise routines & commonly used in bed to enhance sleep, TRE also helps improve creativity & performance under pressure by accessing & reinforcing peak-performance flow states.

Online Self-Guided Learning

Supporting Wellbeing

While TRE is body-based & there is no requirement to recall or talk about past events, the movements generated have a calming effect on both the body & the mind. By regulating the autonomic nervous system & releasing neuromuscular tension below the level of conscious control, TRE provides an additional & alternative technique to mindfulness & general exercise to reduce anxiety, enhance sleep, improve performance & optimise mental health & wellbeing.

Peer-reviewed research has shown TRE helps to reduce domestic violence & mental health conditions, as well as improving quality of life & the capacity to deal with adversity. Easily integrated into existing exercise & recovery routines, TRE can also be used for wellness breaks in the workplace to support the self-management of occupational performance & wellbeing, and strengthen a culture of health & resilience in the workplace.

Optimising Performance

TRE can be used to ‘debrief the body’ after stressful incidents or practiced on an ongoing & regular basis to build ‘neurophysiological resilience’ & coping capacity in the nervous system. By optimising neurological functioning & accessing peak-performance ‘flow states,’ TRE helps to enhance creativity & performance under pressure, as well as supporting healthy relationships in all areas of life.

At the individual level, the benefits of TRE are instantly verifiable using wearable technologies that measure sleep quality & heart rate variability, key physiological markers of optimal wellbeing & performance. As TRE & other similar ‘tremoring techniques’ are already being used by elite athletes including AFL Footballers & Professional Surfers, it is embraced by staff as a performance enhancing technique as much as a preventative wellbeing one.

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TRE Resilience & Performance Training

Over the last 20 years TRE has spread to 65 countries with more than 5 million people estimated to have learnt the technique. Originally developed to empower large populations in their recovery from mass-scale disasters, the technique is now at the cutting edge of recovery & performance training. TRE offers an additional entry point to regulate the nervous system for staff already engaged in self-care, and a viable body-based alternative for those not utilising existing strategies such as mindfulness & general exercise. 

Following Black Saturday, TRE was identified by the Victorian Government’s Hubbard Report as playing a positive role in individual & community wellbeing, with 100% of attendees at community recovery workshops recommending TRE for other areas affected by natural disasters. Evaluations by front-line health professionals all around Australia consistently report immediate calming effects & unanimously recommend TRE for other staff in their organisations. Click here for an evaluation of TRE by NSW Health Staff 

Provide TRE to your Staff

If you are interested in providing TRE to your staff, you can direct them to the self-guided learning course or contact Physiotherapist & National TRE Coordinator Richmond Heath on 0409 357 964 to tailor a program specific to the staff in your organisation.

While staff wanting to learn TRE for professional use are welcome to undertake the standard TRE certification training program, there are also opportunities for abridged training for groups of suitably qualified staff to deliver & support the ongoing use of TRE within the confines of a specific organisation.