TRE workshops & online courses are presented as a self-care technique for people with no major medical or mental health conditions.

While TRE may be a helpful adjunct to other forms of treatment when used by a suitably qualified TRE Provider, TRE is not recommended as a stand-alone treatment for any medical or mental health conditions including PTSD.

Although TRE has been shown to be safe & effective for most people, some people with pre-existing medical or mental health conditions may experience a temporary reactivation of unresolved symptoms if they have been unable to self-regulate the TRE process effectively.

Due to the group environment in a workshop setting or online course, presenters are unable to provide individual therapeutic assistance to participants with pre-existing medical or mental health conditions that may affect their ability to self-regulate TRE.

Please complete this screening form so our workshop & online course facilitators can determine the most safe & effective way for you to learn TRE

The details you provide on this form will be kept strictly confidential

(If you unable to access this pre-screening form, please contact National TRE Co-ordinator Richmond Heath via theĀ general contact form)