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TRE is a cutting-edge self-care technique that rebalances the neuromuscular system at its core below the level of our conscious control.

By deliberately invoking the body’s capacity to create deeper relaxation & more efficient & effective movement patterns through spontaneous involuntary movements than we are able to create consciously, TRE supports existing approaches, enhances recovery from strength & conditioning training, improves sleep quality & heart rate variability & empowers athletes to shift the neurophysiology of their mind & body into peak performance states.

Online Self-Guided Learning

Mental Health

By regulating the autonomic nervous system & releasing neuromuscular tension below the level of conscious control, TRE helps to reduce stress & performance anxiety and improve mental health & performance under pressure in a different yet complimentary way to traditional approaches such as mindfulness, visualisation, relaxation, stretching & breathing techniques.

Recovery & HRV

By down-regulating the autonomic nervous system, relaxing the neuromuscular system and generating spontaneous movements that stimulate blood-flow, lymphatic drainage & tissue repair, TRE helps to reduce training soreness & recovery times, improves overnight Heart Rate Variability & offers a viable alternative to ice baths when they are unavailable or not preferred.


By activating spontaneous movements that calm the autonomic nervous system in a significantly different way than we are able to do consciously, TRE supports & enhances the effects of consciously directed calming techniques and can be deliberately used lying in bed to improve sleep quality & assist with getting to sleep after high intensity training & performance.

Strength & Conditioning

By reducing training soreness & recovery times, TRE supports the sustainable high performance of ongoing strength & conditioning training. As ‘neurogenic movements’ have the capacity to generate greater contractile force than we can create consciously in a 1 repetition maximum effort, integrating TRE into resistance training programs also provides a competitive strength advantage.

Dynamic Core Stability

By improving functional neurology, rebalancing neuromuscular tension & reorganising posture, balance & movement patterns below the level of conscious awareness & control, TRE provides a game-changing approach to optimise dynamic core stability at the subconscious & automatic levels of movement, helping to prevent injury, improve skills performance & enhance static core stability training techniques.


By entraining  ‘flow’ states TRE helps to improve decision making & skills performance under pressure as well as enhancing the effects of mindfuless & visulation techniques. It provides athletes with a simple technique to let go of losses & poor performances & quickly reset their mindset for sustained peak performance.  TRE also offers a revolutionary technique to create team coherence & group flow at a neurobiological level below the level of the cognitive mind.

Why Athletes Like TRE

As TRE requires almost no mental focus & little physical effort, it is easy & efficient when athletes are most fatigued & energy poor. It provides a viable alternative to ice baths & can be used alone or in groups in as little as 5-10 minutes, or even used lying in bed to assist with sleep.

Easily integrated into existing recovery routines, TRE can also be used to help reduce performance anxiety & access the ‘clear-mind’ states required for peak-performance. Practiced together as a team, TRE offers a cutting-edge neurobiological pathway to team bonding & collective flow states central to elite team performance.

I haven’t found anything that can change HRV instantly like TRE does.”

Measurement of overnight HRV by a 39-year-old high-performance coach using an Oura Ring

“My tremors appeared quite subtle but clearly big results still occur.”

Measurement of sleep quality by a 35-year-old male using Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

“Not only does TRE help my athletes concentrate & train better, it calms their nervous system so they can get to sleep & improves the quality of their sleep as well.”

Luke Campbell, Olympian & Head Coach, Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy Centre for Excellence

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Training Peaceful Warriors

Originally developed to empower large populations in their recovery from mass-scale trauma, TRE is now at the cutting edge of elite recovery & performance training. In Australia, Professional Surfers, Olympic Athletes, Elite Volleyballers & AFL Footballers are already using TRE & other similar ‘tremoring techniques.’ The use of spontaneous movement for elite performance however is not without precedent. 

The Ancient Samurai practiced a similar technique called Seiki Jutsu, a key to their super-human capacities & their ability to be lethal warriors one moment then chilled out Zen masters the next. Along with other martial arts such as Katsugen Undo & the use of shaking in Qigong, spontaneous involuntary movement has been used to support a culture of elite performance amongst warriors for many generations.

Provide TRE to Your Team

If you are interested in providing TRE to the athletes or staff in your organisation, you can direct them to the self-guided online learning course (additional TRE for Sports modules coming soon) or contact Physiotherapist & National TRE Coordinator Richmond Heath on
0409 357 964 to tailor a training program specifically for your team or organisation.

While staff wanting to learn TRE for professional use are welcome to undertake the standard professional certification training program, there are also opportunities for abridged training for groups of suitably qualified staff to deliver & support the ongoing use of TRE within their specific organisation.