TRE for Emergency Services

I want to improve Performance & Wellbeing

TRE is a performance enhancing ‘calming technique’ that empowers personnel to release muscular tension, reduce stress & anxiety & switch off hypervigilance on their own whenever & wherever they need to.

By rebalancing the nervous system below the level of conscious control, TRE provides a body-based alternative to mindfulness & talk-therapies to help prevent stress, vicarious trauma, PTSD & burnout, as well as providing a complimentary technique to support & enhance the effects of other treatments & self-care practices including general exercise.

Click here for a ‘Beneath the Helmet’ podcast from a recently retired Canadian Fire Chief about the benefits of TRE for First Responders

Online Self-Guided Learning

Why First Responders Like TRE

All around the world TRE is consistently well-liked by First Responders because it empowers them in the self-management of their performance & wellbeing without requiring them to talk to others or recall past events. As TRE takes almost no mental focus or physical effort, it is easy & efficient when First Responders are most fatigued & can even be used lying in bed to improve sleep quality & assist with getting to sleep.

As TRE can be practiced in as little as 5-10 minutes, it is easily integrated into existing exercise & recovery routines & provides a practical tool to switch off hypervigilance to assist with the transition from work to home life. As TRE & similar ‘tremoring techniques’ are already being used by elite athletes including AFL Footballers & Professional Surfers, it is stigma-free & embraced as a performance enhancing technique as much as a preventative wellbeing approach.

Click here for a 15 minute presentation on the use of TRE to prevent PTSD from the Fearless National Conversation on PTSD

TRE Resilience Training

TRE Resilience Training provides a body-based, stigma-free, trauma-informed model of resilience with a strong focus on the self-regulation of the nervous system & the self-management of occupational performance & wellbeing.  

In addition to normalising shakes & tremors occurring spontaneously after stressful or traumatic events as a natural recovery response, TRE can be used to ‘debrief the body’ after critical incidents, as part of standard recovery routines to help build ‘neurobiological resilience’ in the nervous system over time, or at the end of a shift to help the transition from work to home life by switching off hypervigilance & shifting the physiology of the body to more calm, relaxed & relational states.

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The Evidence for TRE

Due to its ease of use and immediate effect of reducing hyperarousal and muscular tension, TRE was identified by the US Military as one of the 5 most promising techniques to regulate the nervous system. A controlled clinical trial using TRE for the treatment of stress and PTSD is currently underway in the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Peer-reviewed research has also shown TRE helps to reduce domestic violence & mental health conditions, as well as improving quality of life & the capacity to deal with adversity.  Click here for the TRE Research Database. 

In Australia, evaluations by front-line health professionals consistently report immediate calming effects & unanimously recommend TRE for other staff in their organisations. At the individual level, the benefits of TRE are also instantly verifiable using wearable technology that measures sleep quality & heart rate variability, critical neurobiological markers of optimal performance & sustained resilience across the career-span.  Click here for an evaluation of TRE Resilience Training by NSW Health Staff

Providing TRE to your Personnel

If you are interested in providing TRE Resilience Training to your personnel or volunteers, you can direct them to the self-guided online learning course  or contact Physiotherapist & National TRE Coordinator Richmond Heath on 0409 357 964 or email to tailor a training program specific to your organisation.

While Personnel wanting to learn TRE for professional use are welcome to undertake the standard TRE certification training program, there are also opportunities for abridged training for groups of suitably qualified staff to deliver & support the ongoing use of TRE within their specific organisation.