PTSD is a Verb: Why Muscles, Memory & Movement are Missing Pillars in the Prevention of PTSD

In this 15 minute presentation at the 2021 Fearless National Conversation on PTSD I outline how neurogenic tremors & the neuromuscular system are a missing link in our current efforts not just to recover from PTSD, but more importantly to prevent it.

Key information includes:

  • neurogenic tremors as the body’s natural recovery cascade
  • the neuromuscular system as the bridge between our external behaviour & our internal biology
  • how the pathologisation & inhibition of neurogenic tremors may inadvertantly increase the likelihood of PTSD & other post-trauma symptoms including depression & substance abuse
  • how the symptoms we associate with PTSD are all signs the body is still activating habitual defensive responses that are no longer helpful or necessary
  • how this pattern of incomplete switching off of the defence response also occurs at the cellular level
  • how the spinal cord is the biggest input into our nervous system & an obvious point of entry to regulate the autonomic nervous system
  • how a neurobiological model of post traumatic stress & the use of neurogenic tremors for early intervention offers a form of ‘trauma innoculation’ 
  • how TRE offers a simple process of ‘somatic hygiene’ that bypasses the most common barriers to regular self-care

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Richmond Heath

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