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This page contains forms and documents for TRE trainees as well as information on various administration and procedural requirements for certification.

If you are interested in the certification training , visit ‘certification’ for details about applying for this years certification training program.

2020 GCTP Log Books

2020 GCTP Log Enrolment Form

If you are unable to download these log books or enrolment form in fillable format please contact Richmond via the contact form.

Journal Suggestions for TRE  trainees

During TRE

  • body experiences / tremors
  • emotional experience
  • ego defences or thoughts
  • sense of aliveness, presence and emotional state
  • any experiences of freezing/flooding/dissociation or overwhelm

Personal changes over time

  • body changes
  • ego defences / reactivity
  • energy & wellbeing
  • creativity
  • interaction / relationship changes
  • anything else you notice

While leading others through TRE

  • your own internal experience while teaching others
    • groundedness, centredness & presence mental
  • transference/reactions to client
  • counter-transference by client

Key journal reflections after each practice session leading someone else through TRE:

  • What did I do well and/or better than before
  • What areas do I need to strengthen & improve
  • What steps will I take to strengthen those areas before the next session
  • What were my main insights, discoveries & learnings about myself & my leading of TRE
  • What were the embodied shifts, differences or new experiences in my physiology during the session

Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance

For Trainees: It is a requirement each trainee has their own professional indemnity/public liability insurance for the duration of their training program (starting from the date of the Module 1 workshop.) If the trainee does not have pre-existing insurance for another modality that can be extended to cover the TRE training, student insurance is available for the TRE training  via membership of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT):

  • IICT Student Membership – $1 for first 12 months  then $45 pa
  • IICT TRE Student Insurance – $85 per year

To apply for IICT student membership & insurance, request a letter of enrolment from your supervisor,  visit to apply and start your policy on the date of the Module 1 workshop)

For TRE Providers: It is the responsibility of the TRE Provider to ensure you have adequate Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance if you are teaching TRE in a professional capacity.

If you are already a member of another association and have an existing insurance policy, you may be able to have your policy extended to cover TRE.

If you are not a member of another association, you can become a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies( IICT) and purchase insurance through BMS Group. This insurance can be extended to cover as many modalities as you like, as long as they are recognised by the IICT.

  • IICT Practitioner Membership – $197 per year
  • IICT Practitioner Insurance – $121 per year

To apply for IICT practitioner membership & insurance, visit for more details

GCTP Trainee & TRE Provider Feedback Forms:

The following feedback forms are for TRE Trainees and Certified TRE Providers only. If you are not a TRE trainee or provider, please use our general contact form here.