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Originally developed to self-empower large populations in their recovery from mass-scale trauma, TRE provides a neurobiological model of resilience & elite performance training that focuses on self-regulation of the sub-threshold neuromuscular tension underlying most physical & mental health conditions.

By deliberately invoking the nervous system’s innate capacity to regulate itself through spontaneous involuntary movements known as ‘neurogenic tremors,’ TRE provides a body-based self-care technique to help prevent injury, switch off hypervigilance, improve sleep quality & maximise the body’s own adaptive resources to help prevent PTSD & burnout.

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Why Veterans & Defence Personnel like TRE

All around the world TRE is consistently well-liked by Veterans & Military Personnel because it is body-based & doesn’t require them to talk about or recall past events. As TRE takes almost no mental focus or physical effort, it is easy & efficient & can be easily used simply lying in bed to switch-off hypervigilance & assist with getting to sleep.

Able to be used alone or in groups in as little as 5-10 minutes with immediate calming effects, TRE is easily integrated into exercise & recovery routines to help support sustainable high performance & peak performance mind states. As TRE & other similar ‘tremoring’ techniques are already being used by elite athletes including AFL Footballers & Professional Surfers, it is stigma free & embraced as an elite performance enhancing technique as much as a preventative wellbeing one.

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The Evidence for TRE

Already learnt by an estimated 5 million people around the world, the evidence for TRE is emerging. The technique was identified by the US Military as one of the 5 most promising techniques to regulate the autonomic nervous system due to its ease of use & immediate effect of reducing hyper-arousal & muscular tension. A 3-year controlled clinical trial for the treatment of stress & PTSD is currently being conducted by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Peer-reviewed research has shown TRE helps to improve quality of life, reduce domestic violence & mental health conditions and enhances the capacity to deal with adversity, while at the individual level, the benefits of TRE are immediately verifiable using wearable technologies that measure sleep quality & heart rate variability, both key neurobiological markers of resilience, elite performance & wellbeing across the lifespan. A case study on the use of TRE for PTSD recovery by an Australian Veteran was also published in the Journal of Military & Veteran Health.


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TRE Resilience & Performance Training

TRE Resilience Training combines the latest developments in trauma-informed neuroscience with a simple technique to self-manage sub-threshold presentations of most physical & mental health conditions. By providing a body-based model of cumulative trauma and a neurobiological model of resilience, TRE is stigma-free and over the last 10 years has consistently been evaluated by Australian front-line health workers as ‘more effective’ than other forms of resilience training they have done & unanimously recommended for other staff in their organisations.

Cost-effectively learnt in a large group setting with options for additional online learning & support, TRE can be introduced using a peer-supported train the trainer module & is easily embedded into standard recovery routines to help support sustainable high performance.  While TRE appears innovative in western cultures, similar tremoring techniques have been deliberately used to support a culture of excellence & elite performance in martial arts for many generations, including the contemporary Japenese practice of Katsugen Undo & the traditional practice of Seiki Jutsu used by Samurai Warriors.


Click here for an example evaluation of TRE Resilience Training by NSW Health Staff

Providing TRE to Veterans & Defence Personnel

If you are interested in providing TRE Resilience Training to Veterans or Defence Personnel, please contact Physiotherapist & National TRE Coordinator Richmond Heath on 0409 357 964 to discuss options to tailor a training program to suit your organisational needs.

While Veterans & Defence personnel wanting to learn to teach TRE to others are welcome to undertake the general TRE certification training, there are also options for specific training for the use of TRE in the veteran or defence community, including abridged training & peer-supported train the trainer models.