TRE – Training Neurobiological Reslience for Military Personnel & Veterans – AMMA Conference 2020

This 15 minute presentation to the Australiasian Military Medicine Association’s 2020 Conference covers:

  • a neurobiological model of resilience & elite performance training
  • the reframing of neurogenic tremors as a natural recovery reflex that completes the full resilience cycle
  • a physiological model for the impacts of suppressing neurogenic tremors on anxiety, depression, substance abuse & PTSD
  • the role of TRE in the self-management of sub-threshold neuromuscular tension underlying most physical & mental health conditions
  • an introduction to the TRE evidence base to date
  • how wearable technologies demonstrate the immediate impacts of TRE at the individual level
  • how TRE supports & enhances cognitively directed calming techniques
  • why TRE is well-liked by military personnel around the world
  • a proposal for a pilot trail to allow ADF personnel at different stages of their career to evalute TRE Resilience Training for themselves

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