TRE for Health Professionals

I want to Empower my Clients & Improve my Effectiveness

All around the world, Health Professionals are using TRE to improve their wellbeing, optimise their effectiveness & empower their clients in the self-management of their conditions.

At the heart of TRE is the deliberate use of a natural recovery reflex that rebalances the autonomic & somatic systems below the level of our conscious control, providing a stand-alone self-care technique as well as a complimentary process to support & enhance the effectiveness of existing treatments & self-care practices.

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Supporting Wellbeing

While TRE is body-based, the movements generated have a calming effect on both the body & the mind, helping to support mindfulness, deepen relaxation, enhance embodiment & improve recovery & sleep. The technique can be used in as little as 5-10 minutes simply lying on the floor or even in bed at night, making it easy & efficient when we are most time & energy poor and least likely to undertake more demanding self-care practices

TRE can be used as an early intervention strategy to ‘debrief the body’ after critical incidents, or on an ongoing & regular basis to reduce anxiety and build resilience & coping capacity in the nervous system over time. By reinforcing self-regulation & optimising neurological function, TRE provides a body-based pathway of growth & development to enhance performance & support healthy relationships in all areas of our life.


Empowering Clients

For cognitive & talk-based therapists TRE addresses the underlying neurobiology of stress & trauma to compliment & support  traditional top-down treatment approaches. It also offers a trauma-informed model of health & wellbeing that integrates the body & empowers clients with a practical tool for ongoing self-regulation.

For movement, exercise & body-based practitioners TRE provides a trauma-informed model of the body & helps to optimise posture, movement & tension patterns below the level of conscious control. By regulating the autonomic & somatic systems in a reflexive way, TRE enhances the effects of hands-on treatments & supports the benefits of consciously directed movement & exercise programs such as Yoga, Pilates & general exercise.


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All around Australia, evaluations of TRE by front-line health professionals consistently report immediate calming effects & unanimously recommend TRE for other staff in their organisations. Click here for an evaluation of TRE by NSW Health Staff 

Peer-reviewed research has shown TRE helps to reduce domestic violence & mental health conditions, as well as improving quality of life & the capacity to deal with adversity. At the individual level, the benefits of TRE are instantly verifiable using wearable technology that measures sleep quality & heart rate variability, key physiological markers of optimal wellbeing & performance.

Provide TRE for your Staff

If you are interested in providing TRE Resilience Training to your staff, you can direct them to the self-guided learning course or contact Physiotherapist & National TRE Coordinator Richmond Heath on 0409 357 964 to tailor a program specific to your organisation.

While Health Professionals wanting to learn TRE for professional use are welcome to undertake the standard TRE certification training program, [hyperlink to certification page] there are also opportunities for abridged training for groups of suitably qualified staff to deliver & support the ongoing use of TRE within their specific organisation.

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