TRE for High Functioning Anxiety

This talk on High Functioning Anxiety covers the following areas:

  • My background living with HFA & not even knowing it
  • The split between the self presented to the outer world versus the authentic inner reality
  • How HFA is relevant to extroverts as well as introverts
  • The relevance of High Functioning Anger (it’s not just anxiety) & its links to Depression
  • A list of common coping/numbing strategies used to avoid engaging (or healing) our inner reality
  • 3 key strategies to help you move from HFA to Peak Performance:
    • soothing
    • sharing
    • shaking
  • A call out to share this talk & the TRE process to provide Young People with a tool to help support their journey from HFA to Peak Performance

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Richmond Heath

TRE Australia

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