Living Through the Body with Richmond Heath – Craig Van Cast #12

Welcome and thank you so much for listening. It’s my central mission to create more Freedom, physically and mentally, for myself and anyone else that I can. On this mission, I’ve learnt that healing trauma in the body-mind is super valuable for anyone looking to experience their now moment freer of their past.

In this conversation, you’re about to hear I chat to a gem of a human, and an absolute Jedi in the field of healing tension and trauma in the body, and actually far beyond.

Richmond Heath was my guest for this one, he reigns from near Melbourne Australia – and I must say, this was my favourite conversation so far! Richmond is just so easy to speak to and has so much wisdom to share.

Richmond is responsible for introducing TRE to Australia and has been leading the charge there for over a decade.

He describes TRE not so much as the mission he’s on, but rather the vehicle for his even greater mission – a mission which I am so grateful for him being on; a mission to directly expand the hearts and minds of so many people.

He’s actually also about to launch an inaugural online men’s gathering for which you can find the link in the show notes. Incredible stuff!

We already have a follow-on episode scheduled, soon, because we went so deep into trauma, TRE, embodiment, meditation, and more, that we didn’t even get to talking about the men’s work that he does, something I’m really looking forward to chatting to him about.

So let me know what you think, or what you learn, I’d honestly love to hear from you – otherwise, please enjoy the show.


  • The role of myoclonic twitches – spontaneous muscle activations in utero are fundamental to our muscular and neurological development. Check out this amazing footage that Richmond has on the TRE Australia website
  • How the tremor mechanism is not only a way to let go of unwanted baggage, usually from the past, but it is also a way that the body spontaneously reorganizes itself and thus improves and expands us. Richmond insists that the tremor in TRE has a powerful capacity to evolve us, not only restore us.
  • As a consequence of the growth through TRE Richmond describes that
    • he is softer physiologically and psychologically, not so rigid or fixed – perhaps forgiving and adaptable
    • he is far more capable of dealing with uncertainty than he used to be, and how much more easily he can navigate not being in control
    • he has discovered that things in life are not always solely dependent on his own limited conscious mind – he has more resources available that he is not aware of. This has been a process of surrendering and trusting.

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