Online 3-Week TRE Course starting Monday September 14th

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Date and Time:

14/09/2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Location:

Online, Australia

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This live online 3-week course runs over 3 consecutive weeks & teaches you TRE as a self-care technique for ongoing personal use.

This course also counts as one of the prerequisite requirements to apply for the 2020 professional certification training program with  details available here.

*Please note – this course will only run subject to a minimum of 4 & a maximum of 8 participants


  • 7pm – 9pm – Monday Sept 14th (*Melbourne Australia timezone)
  • 7pm – 9pm – Monday Sept 21st (*Melbourne Australia timezone)
  • 7pm – 9pm – Monday Sept 28th (*Melbourne Australia timezone)
  • 2 hrs per session each week
  • Min 4 & max 8 people per course
  • Each session involves a combination of theory, practice and Q & A
  • Facilitated by Richmond Heath (Physiotherapist & National TRE Coordinator)


This workshop is open to anyone wanting to learn TRE for their ongoing personal use but is generally most appropriate for people with:

  • No major medical conditions
  • No history of mental health issues
  • No difficulties with self-regulation or emotional overwhelm
  • No recent injuries or difficulties with general exercise
  • No conditions with acute ‘flare-ups’
  • Not pregnant

If you have any of the above conditions or concerns about your suitability to learn TRE in an online group environment, please complete this pre-screening form BEFORE registering for this course. The workshop facilitator will contact you by phone to discuss the suitability of this course for you or whether you are recommended to initially learn TRE in a 1 on 1 session.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN (6 contact hrs):

  • destigmatising & reframing shakes & tremors as a positive recovery resource
  • the role of neurogenic movement in reducing stress, physical tension & chronic pain
  • how traditional cultures have used neurogenic movements for health, healing & spirituality
  • Quickstart TRE (invoking tremors simply lying on the floor)
  • the 3 states of the nervous system & how tremors help reconnect us with our body
  • the role of fascial unwinding in restoring natural movement patterns
  • Quickstart TRE (with additional positions to facilitate the tremors)
  • how to get the most out of TRE through ongoing use


  • enable audio & video on your device before the webinar
  • arrange your device & lighting so we can see your entire body clearly while tremoring
  • prepare a comfortable space to lie on the floor or a bed for up to 1/2 hr (thick yoga matt, blankets, pillows, cushions etc)
  • wear loose comfortable clothing suitable for general exercise


  • this course will only run subject to a minimum numbers of 4 registrations
  • if the course is cancelled due to a lack of numbers a full refund will be provided
  • due to limited spots being available, NO refunds are available for cancellation on the day or for missing any of the 3 sessions


  • Contact the course facilitate Richmond heath at or Ph. 0409 357 964 for more information about this workshop.


Online TRE 3-Week Course starting Monday Sept 14th