Eva Bogatek

As I live regionally in East Gippsland I am primarily offering my services via Telehealth or in person in my region.


TRE Certified Provider 2018

Description of Services

I am pleased to gain my certification in TRE and to share this wonderful method with you. As a physiotherapist, working with the body for over a decade, I seek to teach people to independently care for their bodies and bring about health and well-being in the physical plain. TRE helps to teach at a body level two things I am passionate about; Freedom and Self Regulation. I view my position as guide and facilitator bringing you more in contact with your body. Along with my TRE certification, I am a physiotherapist trained at the University Of Melbourne, graduating in 2005. I have trained in Basic Body Awareness Methodology, a Scandinavian method used by Physiotherapists working in the arts and mental health. I completed my BBAM postgraduate diploma in 2015. I also have 10 years experience as a Pilates instructor, for rehabilitation and promoting skill and control in movement. I have worked in high stress and trauma rich environments such as prisons and emergency departments.
My recent professional development is in the field of Women’s and Pelvic Health, I am projected to complete my Masters inPelvic HealthPhysiotherapy early 2025 through the University of Melbourne.

I am currently working privately and in community health in East Gippsland.

Also available for TRE sessions online and I run twice weekly zoom groups to create space and guidance for bodies to shake, self regulate, and get all the good feels.

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