Jelka Slapar
TRE Practitioner

TRE Certification Trainer, EFT Advanced Practitioner, Bowen Therapist, former RN.

Description of Services

In my private practice in Melbourne, I work with people suffering from somato-emotional issues and pain, which are almost always linked to unresolved chronic stress and trauma. My search for effective therapeutic approaches and self help tools led me to study acupuncture, CST, various massage techniques, Reiki, Bowen therapy and EFT (emotional freedom techniques). After experiencing profound shifts in myself following Dr. Berceli’s first workshop in Australia, I quickly and enthusiastically embraced personal TRE practice and continued with my training. TRE process represents the ultimate self-assistance tool, which brings together our subconscious mind and body into a state of greater safety, from where we can heal from the past, and become more resilient to any inevitable future stresses and traumas. My background is in critical care nursing, which gave me insight into how patients, relatives and hospital staff experience, endure and unconsciously embody trauma. Teaching TRE workshops has brought another dimension to my work. TRE has also reinforced my commitment to assist as many people as possible so that they can effectively help themselves to stay well in their mind and body.

Contact Information

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