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TRE Practitioner (Level 2)

BA Dip Ed, Dip TAT, Dip RR, Adv. Dip RR | Counsellor (MACA L.2)
Certified Advanced Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning (USA)
TRE Practitioner (Level 2)
Polyvagal-Informed Practitioner (Foundations 1)

Description of Services

For more than 25 years, Jennifer has been an avid explorer and pioneer in the field of Human Potential and Energy Psychology. As a specialist in transformational change, Jennifer understands that it requires more than just increased knowledge and willpower to create breakthroughs in a sustained – and sustainable – way.

Combining her skill and passion, she utilises leading-edge, right-brain technologies based in Quantum Physics and New Biology (also known as epigenetics) to successfully align her clients with their potential – both personally and professionally – in a life-altering way.

Jennifer is a qualified counsellor (MACA) and also accredited in a variety of tools and modalities including Resonance Repatterning®. Drawing on a wide range of experience, Jennifer’s expertise synergises powerfully with mentoring, as well as coaching, counselling and consulting. Her approach incorporates a variety of complementary therapies and technologies, from psychometric profiling tools and conflict resolution skills, to emotional release processes, kinesiology, nutrition – and more. She sees TRE as integral for her clients’ self-empowerment and ongoing self-care.

She holds a BA. Dip Ed from The University of Sydney, has specialised in transpersonal psychology, and has spent more than 20 years in private practice. Throughout her career, which includes teaching, training, writing and publishing, she’s been strongly guided by her deep commitment to making a difference.

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