Karen Austen
Passion on Purpose

TRE Provider, Accredited Coach, Mentor, Interplay Leader, Group Facilitator, HeartMath Facilitator, Wheel of Consent Facilitator

Description of Services

My name is Karen Austen and I have a diverse range of interests – all of them driving me to discover what it takes to live one’s true life releasing into one’s full potential and expression. A very structured career of 25 years in the Criminal Justice System and 20 years of leading Interplay (improvised movement and storytelling) has honed my skills of a deep listening of body wisdom and the capacity to read and see what may be hidden, from view, for others. I have seen and worked with 1000’s of clients assisting them in the resolution of their problems. I have supported 100’s of staff members to align with values both inside the workplace and their personal lives. My search for health, resilience and well being after a career in Criminal Justice sent me on a search around the world. Studying TRE with Dr David Berceli I knew I found the missing piece. TRE is an integral part of my self care bringing balance, harmony and greater presence into every area of my life and body. The past is released, the day to day stress is mitigated and a greater capacity for receiving opens up. I have worked with people suffering PTSD and the adult and young children of those suffering PTSD. I have worked with police, victims of crime, perpetrators and people who have sought healing after traumatic events. People who wish to heal sleep disorders, relationship challenges, anxiety and depression. What I find the most fascinating with TRE is the greater capacity for compassion, love and presence, that effortlessly arises for people who wish to support and deepen their spiritual practice. My skills, knowledge, background and own journey have brought me to a great place of authenticity, strength and presence allowing me to gently and safely guide others through their journey. Each part of the story needs to be released – the mental, the emotional and the body.

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