Kathy Hughes
TRE Practitioner

TRE Level 2 Trainer; Dip.Couns; Provisional Member NZAC

Description of Services

Flourishing wellbeing in the whole mind-body-spirit sense is my personal and professional passion – not merely the absence of stress, distress or illness. Part of my lifetime learning so far has been a constant search for simple and effective ways to wellbeing through training and working in Nursing, Spiritual Companioning, Meditation coaching, Counselling and TRE coaching. Personally I find TRE, meditation and qigong the most usefully effective ways I can enhance and maintain my own health. TRE in particular is the most gentle, thorough way I know to release muscle tension, unlock stuckness and let go of years of accumulated physical and emotional stress and current stress as it happens. TRE is a pleasure to teach. Once you know how to do TRE yourself it will cost you nothing, take very little time and is very portable – wherever you go, there you are.

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