Richmond Heath

Physiotherapist, TRE Certification Trainer & National Coordinator of TRE in Australia with a background in Pilates, Bowen Therapy, Mental Health, Aboriginal Studies & Youth Suicide Prevention

TRE Australia

Physiotherapist, TRE Certification Trainer, National Coordinator of TRE in Australia

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Hi, I’m Richmond Heath.

I’m a Physiotherapist & the National Coordinator of TRE in Australia.

Since introducing TRE to Australia in 2010, I’ve taught more than 2500 people all around Australia how to use this profound self-care technique in public workshops, professional trainings, workplace services, conference presentations, elite sports training & community recovery workshops after natural disasters including Black Saturday & the Christchurch Earthquake in New Zealand.

I love TRE because it’s simple & efficient and has a profound effect on both our body & mind and I’m very excited to now make TRE accessible & affordable to more people around the world through my free online course at

I’m also passionate about helping people understand TRE offers much more than just a ‘stress release’ technique & provides a transformational pathway to optimal performance and  growth & development in all areas of our life.

If you want to do live learning with me then check out my courses & workshops at

If you want to do individual sessions with me, whether face to face in the Yarra Valley or online via skype or zoom, please contact me directly on 0409 359 964 or by email at

Physiotherapy Telehealth Consultation are now claimable on extra’s insurance with most private health insurers with each session lasting approx 40 – 45 mins for $95.

TRE has had a huge impact in my life & I’ve seen it have a profound effect in the lives of countless others. I hope learning TRE can be just as beneficial in yours.

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