Roslyn Ratcliff
TRE Practitioner

B.App.Sc.(Phty), Melbourne Australia, Certified TRE Trainer, Training Assistant for both the Upledger and Barral Institutes, Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Description of Services

Roslyn is physiotherapist with over 45 years of experience. Over this time she has worked in paediatrics, as well as with adults in the public, private and community sectors. Roslyn has also taught for some years in the TAFE sector in the area of allied health.

A wholistic approach to treatment has always been a central focus for Roslyn, and hence over the years, she has trained in numbers of different disciplines, including Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Barral Visceral and Neuromeningeal Manipulation to further enhance the skills that she can offer to people who consult her.

TRE (Trauma or Tension Relieving Exercises) is another versatile and important skill that Roslyn can offer to assist people with the challenges life presents. As a very effective self-help tool, TRE facilitates the release of tensions and traumas that can impact our physical, emotional and mental health and well-being.

Contact Information

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