Wendy Leitmanis

My business intention is to help clients to find more ease, freedom and movement in their body. I use TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) and Bowen Therapy to assist in this process. Both are gentle, yet profound somatic methods that enable the body to begin to unwind tension patterns.
I am also available to teach TRE online.

Wendy Leitmanis Bowen Therapy & TRE

Global Certified TRE Provider
Diploma in Bowen Therapy
Registered Nurse

Description of Services

My working life has always revolved around the health industry, both in a hospital environment and in complimentary health. Below is a summary of my professional training.

1981 – Completed nursing qualification. Through 22 years of clinical practice (Geelong Hospital) I developed valuable skills in patient care, wellness, illness, irregularities of the body, and sound observational skills. Modern medicine offers valuable treatment for accident and illness; but it is because of my nursing experience that I became very passionate about the need for safe, effective complimentary therapies to support individuals on a day to day basis. 

1994 – Swedish Therapeutic Massage

2000 – Bowen therapy training commenced. Completed the equivalent of Certificate IV, Diploma and Specialised Procedures over the next several years. 

Bowen therapy is a gentle body work used to address the whole body,  with the aim to assist easing pain & inflammation, increase range of movement, and calm the nervous system.  A Bowen treatment involves direct moves over muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and joints.  It is both subtle and dynamic in its influence on the body’s health and well being. 

2012 – 2016  TRE Global Certified Provider (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)

By activating and regulating our natural tremor reflex,  TRE can facilitate a gentle release of the chronic tension, stress or trauma that is often stored in the physical body. Using  TRE regularly, many of my clients experience more freedom and flexibility; they often feel calmer, more balanced and able to maintain resilience when faced with day to day challenges. I have gained a deep appreciation for this dynamic therapy, and the benefits it offers. It is a stand-alone process, but can be used in conjunction with Bowen therapy. 

I am inspired to encourage people in their quest for health and wellness; to bring back a sense of ease. Through my long and rewarding journey I have found two therapies that satisfy my need to offer gentle and highly effective support for ongoing wellbeing.

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